Friday, October 12, 2007

The Right To Be Rich

To be rich is our birthright. It is the fool who praises poverty. The whole crux of the issue is the connotation of the words richness and poverty. It is naive to think that richness means a bank balance or glittering gold coins that robbers can steal. The currency value of cash might rise and fall until a time will come when a whole truck full of printed notes will be required to buy a pair of shoes. So richness does not relate to the clink of metal or rustle of paper.

The right to be rich is inherent in us. Life is to be enjoyed. To do so it is necessary to know what riches and enjoyment mean. The concept of poverty must also be understood. Without the contrast of rain and shine we would never savor the monsoons. As the newborn calf has the right to the milk flowing from its mothers teat so too Man, at the moment of birth, inherits and has a right to the riches of this world air, water, fire, earth and space. A country with a balanced plenty of these five is said to be rich. So too are the people of the land.

The right to be rich is entwined with the right to enjoy. The native of the land suckles on the bounty of Nature and enjoys it. Here comes the catch. Each of us has a zone, or a bank account from which we can dip in and enjoy. The deer has the grassland. The tiger has the deer. Man rules over all. But if the man finishes off the tiger and the deer does not allow the grass to replenish, the stock markets of Man will fall. Man will become poor. So the enjoyment of one is linked to another with a strict code of balance.

The Selfish Giant was very rich and bombastic about his rights. But could he enjoy until the children were allowed into his garden? King Midas had an agonizing experience and begged the god to take back his golden touch. The unthinking glutton gorging on food ultimately suffers digestion.

So the secret of enjoyment is carefully nourishing and multiplying the riches we are born with, which is our birthright and then sharing it in one big happy party on planet earth inviting all creation plants, animals and man.

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