Thursday, October 4, 2007

Forex Trading Advice Don't Take Any Forex Advice Until You Read This

Would you take driving lessons from someone who had never driven in their lives?

Of course you wouldnt!

With forex trading advice people take advice from people who have never traded and never question it, lose their money and are surprised.

If you are taking forex advice via signals or a system there is only one criteria you need to judge the advice on:

A real time track record.

Thats real money, made in the market over a 3 year period or longer.

It does not guarantee you will make money of course, but if I follow advice I like to know the forex trading advice I have taken, has made money and the logic is soundly based.

Forget hypothetical track records.

Anyone can make a profit if they know what the prices did!

Ever seen a hypothetical back tested system that didnt?

My six year old boy could make a profit that way, but not sure I would trust him to trade for me!

I am a trader of 20 years and I see e-books and makings telling me I can easily make 90% accurate trades or 100 pips a day!

Please dont insult my intelligence.

I know making money is not easy in anything and that includes forex trading.

Use common sense!

If forex trading advice looks to good to be true it probably is.

Use common sense and dont get blinded by greed or an easy way to make money you will lose.

Only take forex trading advice from vendors who provide the following:

A real time track record and the comfort of a money back guarantee.

There are plenty out there giving good solid advice that can help you make forex profits, but take a bit of time to seek them out.

Dont fall for the scammers in forex trading advice offering you easy ways, or guaranteed profits. You will lose.

Only a small minority of traders make money and there not the above.

They will simply make money out of you from selling advice that will lose you money.

Accept this fact:

Forex markets can and do make money and there is good advice out there but forex trading makes few traders rich over night.

Forex trading is a long term solid way to make money and good profits.

Make sure you dont fall for the hype of the huge amount of forex advice sellers on the net who have never traded in their lives.

No real track record you know what to do now

In conclusion with forex advice to separate the scammers from the people who make money, get the real time track record.

Thats it - Enough said.


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