Friday, October 12, 2007

Online Stock Market Trading Company

How does an average Joe trade these days? Can he afford a broker or a financial advisor? Trading through Online stock trading company is the only way to go when it comes to trading stocks. The advent of online stock trading has brought trading to the regular masses and made online brokerage company a lasting institution of the financial world. There are plenty such online stock brokers available. These brokers are doing aggressive marketing these days to capture new investors.

Stock trading online is undoubtedly a beautiful way of automating the entire trading process without any human intervention. But dont forget, it is very much like any other business. You do need initial capital, actionable plan to work upon, risk appetite to bear losses and not to mention your dedicated time and resources. A businessman does require educational qualification and thorough knowledge of his field of business. Similarly a trader is expected to have educational enhancement ability which can aid him in his research on underlying company stock trading.

There are plenty of online brokerage firms available in market. Four important criteria to be kept in mind while selecting your online broker are as follows-

  • Brokerage fees / Commissions.
  • Initial deposit
  • Newsletter

Brokerage Fees - Broker usually charges some percentage amount of each transaction (be it buy or sell). So more transactions you make, more money you have to pay to the broker. So essentially brokerage is dependent on number of transactions and amount of transaction. Phone orders is also one option available to investors but brokerage fees for phone orders would be higher as it requires human intervention.

Initial Deposit Even best stock trading company would require a minimum initial deposit in order to trade stocks on their site. A minimum initial deposit can start at $500 and go all the way up to $10,000 or more. If an investors account balance go below this deposit amount, penalty fee of $10-20 (or more) will be charged to them every month.

Tools / Newsletter - Investing in stock can be facilitated by brokers if they could provide their investors with streamers which allow an investor to see current prices of stocks. Not only that, online brokers facilitate investors with Trading Newsletter which includes all that you need to trade in stocks. It is very comprehensive and has information on new trading picks, stop loss points, daily targets, short and long term strategies and some other educational tips on stock trading online!

When online stock trading was not in place, each investor used to have a broker who not only did the transaction but served as an advisor also. Now in online trading era, individual investors make most of their decisions on a gut feel without doing any research exercise. But the irony is these investors usually dont have any trade plan into place. They dont approach this financial market in a planned and disciplined manner. Result is they get exposed to high risks!

Online stock broking is one of the best medium available for investors to do stock trading if they use this tool in an efficient manner.

I wrote this article to share my views about online stock market trading companies and stock market trading online