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High Flying Stock: L International Computers, Inc. The Next DELL?

L International Computers, Inc. is a publicly traded company on the pink sheets under stock symbol LITL. According to a recent press release, the company designs, manufactures, markets and distributes high-performance, opulent PC/Windows© laptop, desktop, workstation and server computers.

Further, the company states it also produces the largest and most spectacular personal & professional visual displays as well as ultra-high performance software, peripherals, and personal electronics technologies.

They claim to be the "absolute and no-contest highest performance/upper-class hardware solutions

provider, at any given price point". Could they could be the next Dell?

On August 10th, 2006 the stock of L International Computers, Inc. closed at $0.29 with no volume. On August 31st, 2006 the stock traded as high as $1.85 and closed at $1.40 on more than 10 million shares.

Why all the investor excitement?

a) A press release issued on September 1, 2006 announces its next-generation PuRam-Go™/PuRaid™ Ultra-Portable High-Speed Solid State Drive Technology.

b) A press release issued on August 30, 2006 announces the Metropolis as the World's First 19 Laptop Computer Featuring Nvidia's Quad-SLI Technology; High-End Graphics, Gaming and Professional Visual Computing to Be Freed from the Desktop Box.

c) A press release issued on August 23, 2006 announced that L International Signs $45m European Distribution Agreement; Breakthrough Deal Solidifies Corporate Global Marketing and Sales Strategies.

Great press releases, but is there any substance? Perhaps investors should be focused on the following items:

a) According to various trade journals and articles, the company originally launched its technologies in 2003. We have been unable to find any financial statements indicating their sales, profits or losses since that time. The company states it will release financial statements sometime during the next few months. As a pink sheet company, they are under no obligation to provide investors with updated or accurate information.

b) In an article published on October 14, 2004, the company was quoted as saying: "We are no longer in a position, from a financial standpoint, to continue doing business and are regrettably forced to suspend our operations and liquidate our assets in support of our financial responsibilities."

c) In a call made to the company earlier today, the company acknowledged that it had shut marketing down about eight months ago due to technology upgrades and plans to re-open in about three to four months.

d) Who is Microscan International? They allegedly placed a $45 million order to buy product from L International. However, a quick search yields absolutely nothing about them, not even a website.

e) While the company states that it manufactures its own technologies with employees working from its corporate headquarters, it seems that the address of record is in fact a mail box at The UPS Store in Santa Barbara, California.

f) The stock of L International Computers, Inc is traded on the Pink Sheets and has been actively promoted via stock spam. Interestingly, a message posted by Pink Sheets LLC on indicates that they have removed stock quotes from their website until the company makes current information available to the investing community. Furthermore, they suggest that investors use care and due diligence in their investment decisions as companies that engage in promotional activities without supplying adequate current information are often the subject of fraudulent activity.

The company reports there are approximately 100 million shares outstanding. Is this company worth $150 million? Investors beware.

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Foreign Currency Trading - How To Make Money With Forex Trading

These days the word Forex is being thrown around quite loosely. In fact you are likely to come across it quite often online with a common topic on how to make money with Forex trading. FOREX stands for FOReign Exchange market and it refers to the international currency market where currencies are purchased and sold.

Forex is one of the most promising and rewarding investments around and learning how to make money with Forex trading is easy. Of course there is risk and because you can trade marginally it is how to make money with Forex trading with the potential of making huge profits. One benefit is the inability of investors to influence the market for their own gain. As a short term investor you will need some patience and diligence. Technical analysis and strategies should be part of your investment plan.

When you learn how to make money with Forex trading in foreign currency you can trade 24 hours a day in just about every part of the world because you will find a dealer ready to quote on a currency. After you decide what currency you want to invest in you buy online either through a dealer or through your own Forex trading account and thats how to make money with Forex trading.

Marginal trading is used for trading with borrowed capital which is common practice when learning how to make money with Forex trading. Thats one of the reasons for its appeal. You can invest without having the real money to back it. That means you can make much bigger investments quicker and cheaper.

Make sure that you have some investment strategies under your belt and by then youll know how to make money with Forex trading. You should understand both fundamental analysis and technical analysis. The investor doesnt try to outsmart the market instead they learn how to make money with Forex trading.

Fundamental analysis analyzes the country where the currency is from, the economy, political stability, and other related issues. These are all contributing factors that are used to analyze the currency and fluctuations that might occur.

Now that you have the basics on how to make money with Forex trading youre ready to take the next step. If you still arent comfortable enough to invest there are plenty of online courses to help improve your skills. What are you waiting for now is the time to start making your wealth.

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Great Reasons To Invest In Costa Del Sol

There are a few things in life that will make your heart truly happy. One of those things is to invest in Costa Del Sol. Boasting of 320 days of pure sunshine; it is easy to see why you should invest in Costa Del Sol. It is not only a great place to visit but an ideal location to buy some real estate, either for investment or for residence.

Great return on investment: It is a good decision to invest in Costa Del Sol. It is reported that most investors secure a 40% hike in value. Those who invested in property back in 2001 reaped a tremendous return on their investment. Several years have gone by since then but the value of property in only on the increase. In comparison you will not find a better place to live than picturesque Costa Del Sol.

Great infrastructure: Earlier, many Europeans did not want to invest in Costa Del Sol due to its poor infrastructure. However, things have changed for the better. The location is easily accessible by road and air. Extensive motorways and an international airport add to the attraction.

Great facilities: To invest in Costa Del Sol is not a risky venture. You will find very good schools and colleges. The public hospitals and clinics are efficiently run. The quality of medical care is above average and you will have no difficulty in finding quality medical services.

Great economy and employment: The opportunities are endless so you can safely go ahead and invest in Costa Del Sol. The economy has been flourishing and you will find ample avenues to find good employment. The markets are filled with foreign imports so you can be assured of living a high standard of life.

Great entertainment: If you are planning to invest in Costa Del Sol, you will be glad to know that this location has several hot spots where you can enjoy your time. If you are a golf enthusiast you will enjoy the forty golf courses. For those who love to shop there are several malls that can keep you busy. If sport is to your liking then there are several activities that you can indulge which include boating and gaming. The leisure industry in Costa Del Sol is one of the finest anywhere. Experiences include yachting, sailing, runs along the beach and of course, a beautiful sunset. It also boasts of some of the finest nightlife on the planet. So do not hesitate to invest in Costa Del Sol.

Great retirement destination: A lot of people invest in Costa Del Sol not only because it is a wise investment decision but because it is a great place to retire. Blue skies and sunshine are property rights that everyone in Costa Del Sol gets free.

Great options: From townhouses and plots to apartments and villas, you have many options to choose from. To invest in Costa Del Sol, you just need to decide which is more suitable and lucrative for you. You can even invest in the second hand market. Be sure to get some expert advice before you take a final investment decision.

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Learn Forex With Forex Training Videos

I came across a brand new forex video course, this one is not like many others since it includes videos, in addition to ebooks. Actually this course includes video tutorials, ebooks, softwares, mentoring from a professional trader, free signals and more. Doesn't that sound good ? I am going to tell you what you will get when you purchase the package.

You will get access to a members area to download the full package. Concerning the forex video courses, there are 28 online videos. You can see a sample on the website. It shows a trade strategy that brings 973 pips in about a week. Of course you don't make this kind of profit every week but this is easy to see how powerful is the strategy.

There are 5 full proven and profitable strategies in this package. Not just one.

You don't only get the video courses. There are much more informations about the strategies and the forex market in downloadable ebooks. You will find tools to help you analyze the market. You will learn the basics, the fundamental analysis, the technical analysis, the trading psychology and the most advanced strategies to pull in big profits in your account.

I have always been convinced that there are traders that know more than others. Of course their day job is forex trading, they do it all day. But there are also people that simply know good systems and make profit every day just following a plan. Their strategies are kept for themselves, the author decided to reveal some of them. And he does it well, and more than revealing his techniques, he and his professional team will mentor you, for free.

Having a mentor for free is the real deal of this package. Imagine all your questions being answered, you will never get stuck and always have a follow up after your purchase.

The creator also offers an additional members with more content. When you will have. New informations, new charts, new strategies, new tools. The package is regularly updated and updates are free ! You are even added to a VIP list and be able to see live examples of trades.

But my favorite bonus is a "one free month of Forex signals". If you already know how to execute a trade this is simply amazing. You know, signals tell you exact entry and exit point of a trade, for a specific pair. You know what pair to trade, when to enter a trade and where you take your profit. Just follow the signals.

This course is really new and I feel not so many people know about it. Anyway this is a perfect package for beginners there is so much information that you can't really go wrong. Plus, the free mentoring, and the free month of forex signals are worth enough the price ($97).

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Why Should I Invest In Gold?

Of all the items man has used as currency, gold has far been the most prominent. It doesn't matter if it is the most valuable, or the rarest. What does matter is that man has chosen this commodity to be a standard as a world yardstick for wealth. As a matter of fact, gold is one of the few metals that is so cherished by so many.

Today it's easy to find the latest price of gold, from the Internet, the financial section in the morning paper, market news on TV, and even as a text message on your cell phone. But it wasn't always like that. For decades the price of an ounce of gold was quite steady - so investors didn't see the value in following the price changes.

But recently, the price gold has been changing, and a lot of interest has kindled for the precious metal. What once was under a hundred dollars in the 1940's is now over 600 dollars. This has brought investors around in great numbers.

The price of gold is linked to how strong the US dollar is. Because of the great increase of gold over the last ten years, many investors believe it is a good time to buy and speculate. But remember that gold is a commodity, and doesn't sit and earn interest like a bond in the bank. Your profit will be based on if the selling price is higher than the price you purchased it for, less any brokerage fees.

So when the price of gold goes up, you should be concerned about the value of the US dollar. This is because gold increases as the value of the dollar goes down. Since we are at the 600 dollar per ounce levels, you can be sure the value of the US dollar is fairly low. This is called a lack of confidence.

Should you invest in gold today? We believe it is a pretty safe bet. Given current world conditions, and the time now before the US elections in 2008, gold will be only increasing in value.

Gold Investments is authored by Dave Jackson who bought gold back in 1985. He writes about gold and silver profits and how you can cash in on them.

Forex Trading Myths - Why Buying Low Selling High Will Lose You Money!

This may seem odd as its an accepted wisdom, but if you try and apply it in your forex trading strategy you will lose money.

If you dont realise why this is - read on and we will explain why.

Of course, the aim of all traders is to buy in at the bottom of trends and sell out at peaks but its impossible to do and the way most forex traders do it means they lose.

The key to understanding why you cant do it, is to realize that you have to predict in advance where prices will go or buy into a low or sell into a high and hope the levels hold.

Fact is you cant predict where forex prices are likely to go and if you rely on hope then you shouldnt be trading forex.

What you have to do is not predict but get confirmation of price momentum changes, above the level of support - BEFORE executing your forex trading signals.

A simple example will show you how to do this.

Many Forex traders watch a support level such as, Fibonacci level, pivot point etc, and as prices come to perceived support; they simply buy into it just above the level.

There logic is, they are in at a low if the level holds of course the important word here is if.

Support lines, Fibonacci levels, pivot points break frequently, so if you try and buy into them just hoping they will hold you will buy the low will see you lose.

A better way to trade:

Is to use price momentum to check that support and resistance will hold - and then trade on confirmation.

Trading on confirmation gets the odds on your side trying to predict will see you lose its as simple as that.

So how do spot changes in price momentum?

Great indicators to use are the stochastic and relative Strength Index (RSI)

You simply watch for prices to move to support and then turn up supported by RSI or stochastic.

You wont buy the bottom you will miss a good bit of the move, but by trading in this way you will get stopped out less and always trade with the odds this means bigger forex profits longer term.

Buy low sell high is an accepted investment and many traders accept it at face value trade and lose.

Over 90% of forex traders lose and buying low selling high without confirmation will see you join them, dont fall into this trap.


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Royal Memorabilia - Smart Trading and Fake Dodging

This is my second article about trading royal memorabilia on eBay and other online auctions. Were going to explore just what items are really tradable, how and where to find your stock and mention some definite pitfalls to avoid.

As you already know, a vast range of products has been produced to commemorate royalty. You could decide to specialise in silver, plates, dolls, stamps, books, coins, jewellery, postcards, mugs, tea towels, glass, tins / boxes for confectionery, photographs, T-shirts, paintings, newspapers, videos, royal trading cards and Im sure you can also think of other categories. The list is extensive.

The more popular items have been produced in great numbers, so theyre often easy to find and moderately priced. This means that you can quickly create a varied assortment of collectibles without having to spend too much. But in the long run, the most desirable and highest appreciating items have tended to be pottery/china, tins/boxes and glassware.

You need to be selective about what you trade. Items decorated with a royal portrait are more likely to attract good buyer interest than those without. If there is also an inscription, giving the name, date, special occasion etc, then this will also improve its saleability.

Remember too that the more substantial and permanent the item, the better chance it has of selling. Generally, items of pottery, china, glass are more sought after then say cloth or paper items such as photographs and autographs.

If you can, try to deal with memorabilia that already has a second chance profit factor. For example, a Wedgwood or Royal Worcester commemorative plate or mug is already valuable purely from a manufacturers viewpoint. The royal connection can simply add that extra icing on the profit cake!

So, where do we source our royal memorabilia?

For a start, have a good look around your own home. You might get a pleasant surprise at just what you can find. Charles and Diana items from 1981 are now beginning to rise in value and most of us bought something to commemorate this royal event. So check your cupboards, attic and garden shed.

Also, ask your friends and relatives if they have any items they want to sell. You could buy them for resale or consider selling them on their behalf through your online auction account. If nothing else, you can gain some valuable selling experience and a feel for this market.

Its also a good idea to have a search around eBay itself and other auction sites for items. You can buy on one site, hopefully at a bargain price, and then relist on another and make a quick profit.

Ive found that British royal items tend to sell better on but for slightly less on Using the other national sites tends to produce a poor response with very few bids.

If you have decided to trade in the more expensive, quality items (fine china, food boxes, glass etc) then offline auctions and antique shops can be a good source for stock. Offline auctions would be my preference as you have more chance of a bargain. A good antique dealer tends to know the value of his stock so the opportunity for buying at the right price is more limited.

The saying Knowledge is Power is definitely true in your stock hunting. Its always preferable to specialise, so that when an item appears in an offline auction, you have a realistic idea of what its worth. You can then use your in depth knowledge to buy at the best price and then make a good profit from your online sale.

Of course, dont forget your local junk shops, jumble sales, car boot sales, garage sales and charity shops in your search for stock. Bargains can still be found especially items relating to the present British Queen and the late Princess Diana. I recently bought a biscuit tin with a lid portrait of Prince Philip for just a 1 in a charity shop. It dated from around 1955 and I sold it for a very nice profit. Bargains are still to be found out there.

And a good tip when trading royal collectibles is to choose an area that is interesting and appeals to you. You can very quickly become an expert in your own field and easily spot potential when trawling the junk and second hand shops. If you buy interesting items in good condition then a profitable sale is almost guaranteed.

Are there items you should definitely watch out for?

Memorabilia associated with King George III and the early reign of Queen Victoria are valuable if you can find them. Only a few items were produced to commemorate Victorias coronation and the royal births. Not many have survived so prices can be high. A Queen Victoria coronation mug can easily demand 800 plus depending upon condition. So keep your eyes open!

Is there a down side in dealing in royal memorabilia?

Well, if you decide to get involved, you must be aware that there are many fakes and reproductions. This is especially true of the more impermanent items such as letters, cards, photographs and autographs. Items related to Princess Diana are a particular favourite of the unscrupulous forger and she is reported to be the most faked royal ever with large quantities of bogus letters, autographs and signed photographs in existence.

So how can you safeguard against being duped?

Knowledge, research and common sense are your best defence. In the case of autographs, you can easily compare signatures and similar items with each other. Printed signatures are easily spotted, as they are sharp and distinct. Real signatures will often bleed the ink runs slightly from the stroke of the pen. This certainly helps you to check whether that royal signature is genuine or just a facsimile.

As a general rule, take care when you buy and do your homework if you intend to spend a lot of money. And the legal maxim Buyer Beware just about sums up the attitude you should adopt when searching for your royal items.

In my final article about royal memorabilia, I will be discussing the importance of selecting the right category for your listing so that you get the best prices for your items. And Ill also mention several useful websites to help you become more effective as a royal memorabilia trader.

Until then, wishing you every success.

With some 30 years business experience, I now have a passion for eBay and other online auctions using them to satisfy my interest in antiques, books and art.

I also spend a lot of time searching for those genuine online opportunities that I can share with family and friends. Hopefully, we can then all make a little bit of extra money!

Heres one worth serious consideration.

Are you looking for the best way to start your own eBay business but find yourself tied down with family commitments? Are you put off from even making a start by a lack of business experience or no capital to speak of. Well this could be the answer.

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A Guide to Global FOREX trading

It's probably hard for some people to believe, but the global FOREX trading market dwarfs that of equities, even though the former gets little attention and the latter is talked about incessantly on the news.

The daily volume of global FOREX trading now exceeds $2 trillion dollars! To be sure, it is the leader in the competitive field of market exchange. Currently, London holds the title for the worlds largest foreign exchange center, accumulating 30% of the currency business.

Global FOREX trading is exciting for many reasons.

First, the markets are almost always open. One can trade 24/7 as currencies fluctuate all day and night. Compare that to equities where one can only effectively trade during market hours when the stock exchanges are open.

Second, the potential leverage in global FOREX trading is astounding.

In stock trading, one either trades with money they have or, at best, can open a margin account and trade with double leverage. A margin account funded with, for example, $25,000 can control $50,000 dollars worth of equity positions.

Now contrast that with global FOREX trading in which one can often obtain leverage of 20 times, 50 times, and even 100 times one's original capital.

For example, it's not uncommon to be able to open an account at an online FOREX brokerage with $5,000 and be able to control position sizes of $200,000 or more. (In FOREX, trading is realized in lots. 1 Lot = 100,000).

Think about that! If you funded an account with a mere $10,000 dollars you could control $500,000 worth of positions (10 lots). If your positions moved favorably giving you only a 5% gain you would be in profit $25,000 dollars. From an only $10,000 dollar initial capital!

Clearly the immense leverage in global FOREX trading is what lures a lot of players into the game. However, leverage can cut both ways and it's possible to get wiped out just as fast as one can make a veritable fortune.

Because such large sums of money can be made playing the FOREX markets, hobbyists and full time currency traders are quickly increasing in numbers.

For both amateur and pro alike, getting quality FOREX analysis of the markets -- both fundamental and techical -- is extremely important.

And for people who have yet to learn how to FOREX trade, taking an online course is paramount to get them off to a proper start.

Indeed, it can make the difference between being successful and getting wiped out, although there is no guarantee that even the best newsletter analysis service or FOREX training course will guarantee you profits or guard you against losses.

That's why global FOREX trading is considered a highly speculative endeavor.

The people who do best at it will be methodical, have strong control over their impulses and emotions, are analytical to a fault, and are all around disciplined individuals.

Ever since the speculator George Soros of the Quantum Hedge Fund realized a profit of over $1 billion dollars in a few short days by shorting the British pound in 1992, market players have become more and more drawn to the exciting game of global FOREX trading.

Make no mistake about it, FOREX trading will continue to grow over the years, especially with the advent of online FOREX brokerages that allow people to trade from the comfort of their own home office all night.

Dan Ho is an investor, trader, and speculator who enjoys studying economics, technical analysis and the markets. He has traded equities, options, and currencies.

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